Hello Old Friend…


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How do you pick up where you left off with an old friend? Is it easy, like slipping on the winter gloves you’ve not seen for a year, or clunky and awkward, because there’s been so much time between conversations?

I hope its easy for us because this post comes to you after the longest break I’ve ever had between updates in 10 years of blogging. That’s right, I just upped and disappeared for a while while life got in the way.

My husband, who’s been one of my biggest supporters over the years said to me just the other day, ‘You haven’t blogged in a while, don’t you think people would like to hear from you?’

And I’d not thought of it in that way, that those of you who’ve been a reader all these years would want to hear from me. Rather I thought, ‘I’ve got nothing to say.’

But that’s not true, it was more that I had plenty to say, but wasn’t really sure how to say it. So where have I been?

Well, my almost two year old keeps me busy run off my feet most days, I’ve had a job teaching marketing this semester at RMIT, I’m also working on a couple of social media accounts and freelance writing. In fact I’m quite proud of this 1000 word piece I wrote for News.com.au on the history of fashion and shopping in Melbourne.

I’m still tired and sleep deprived (you might remember this post where I talked about how fuzzy things can get when you’re tired) and I’ve found more than anything that’s what’s actually stood in the way of sitting down to write. I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around editing my ideas into a cohesive piece after I’ve spent the energy on work projects.

Which has made me feel sad about the blog, and sort of like putting off the diet or going to the gym, I’ve kept telling myself I’ll do it tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is here (as it has been for the last two months!) and I thought why not say what you’re thinking rather than worrying about a lengthy story on fashion. That will come, and I’ve got quite a bit of content lined up and ready to go.

Thank you for checking in and keep checking in because there are some absolutely gorgeous things to come!

What I’m wearing:

Blouse: Closet London
Jeans: James Jeans
Bracelets: Murkani

Closet London lace blouse with glossy, wavy hair

Closet London lace blouse with glossy, wavy hair

Closet London lace blouse with glossy, wavy hair

Closet London lace blouse with glossy, wavy hair

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