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Shopping / Post - 11 months ago

Beauty Review: Vestige Verdant

Vestige Verdant is an Estonian, luxury, organic cosmetics company who’s hero product is based on organic peat. Specifically, sphagnum peat moss extract. Er, what?! To begin, let’s understand what peat moss is.¬†Peat is an accumulation of p...

Shopping / Post - 1 year ago

Priceline Beauty Bar at VAMFF 2018

OMG where to begin with this post. I’ve just spent the week at VAMFF hanging in the Priceline Beauty Bar which was really like a custom marquee with a glass roof for the beauty obsessed. Yep, that’s fairly accurate. There was even a vendi...

Shopping / Post - 1 year ago

Musc Ravageur

Ravageur means devastating in French. And while this perfume by Frederic Malle isn’t quite as harsh as the name suggests, the musk fragrance is especially relevant. I discovered it recently at the Mecca perfume lounge inside the Lexus marquee a...