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Shopping / Post - 1 year ago

VAMFF 2018 – That Red Dress

That Y.A.S Apparel red dress to be exact. I bought it last year to wear to the spring racing carnival and it only arrived at 5pm the day before I was supposed to wear it. Phew! I hadn’t worn it since for a couple of reasons – this shade o...

Shopping / Post - 1 year ago

Priceline Beauty Bar at VAMFF 2018

OMG where to begin with this post. I’ve just spent the week at VAMFF hanging in the Priceline Beauty Bar which was really like a custom marquee with a glass roof for the beauty obsessed. Yep, that’s fairly accurate. There was even a vendi...

Shopping / Post - 1 year ago

National Graduate Showcase VAMFF 2018

Without a doubt one of the shows everyone looks forward to during fashion week is the National Graduate Showcase. The best of the best graduating fashion students from around Australia get a chance to display their work on the runway, and what a spec...